May 24, 2024

Lies delays decision-making and  creates a cycle of unfulfilled goals and missed opportunities, further eroding confidence and motivation.

1. I will start tomorrow:

tomorrow is the favorite word of a procrastinator and the Enemy of progress. Anytime you say this you are not only delaying your task you are delaying your life dreams. Success doesn’t wait for those who delay. It is a train that only stops for those ready to board. There is never a perfect time to start, the best time is now. Embrace the discomfort of starting because this is how you get from one day today one.

2. I don’t have enough time and energy:

you think you don’t have the time but the reality is we are not making time. Billionaires, athletes and genues all have the same time as you do. The difference lies in prioritizing and Efficiency. The brutal reality about change and success is that you have to make time and not excuses. If you are honest with yourself you will realize that you do have plenty time.

3. It’s too late to change:

this is your fear talking. It’s never too late to change, the only expiry date on change is the one you set for yourself. Of all the successful people who started late and still left a great impact on this world. change is always possible, what matters most is the determination to pursue change regardless of the stage of life you are in. Don’t let fear of being too late rub you of the opportunity to evolve, grow and which your full potential. Start now and a year from now you will be grateful you did.

4. I am not good enough:

You are measuring yourself with someone else ruler. The only comparison you need is who you are yesterday. every individual journey is unique and you’re only competition should be your past self. Anyone can be good enough for anything.

5. I can’t make a difference:

Every Picture starts with one person deciding to make a difference. you don’t need to change the world overnight all you need to do is to start small, impact one life, one community and watch the ripple effect. Your actions no matter how small can have a significant impact. Don’t underestimate the power of a single step or a single action all you need is to be the change you wish to see and slowly but sure you will start making a difference.

6. I need to be perfect:

Perfection is an illusion and chasing it is a fast track to nowhere. Is a trap an a clever disguise for fear. Fear of criticism and fear of failure. Here is the truth, imperfection is perfectly human and this is where the growth happens. You missed steps and mistakes make you who you are therefore Embrace the good enough and keep improving. Remember done is better than perfect because it is the work you complete and effort you make that builds your path to success.

7. I will be happy when I’m rich:

If you can’t find happiness on your journey, riches are not going to deliver it on your doorstep. Wealth and amplifies your current state. If you are unhappy now, more money is only going to magnify that unhappiness. Find the joy in the little things, process and small victories. Happiness is a state of being and not a possession. It is cultivated daily and moments not in Miles.

8. It’s too hard to achieve my dreams:

Hard yes, impossible no. Ask yourself truly what’s harder? The pain of regret or the pain of hard work. Dreams demand sacrifice and risks. They require you to push beyond the limits that you set for yourself. Embrace the challenge and savour the struggle, it’s the asset of a fulfilling journey. start climbing one heart box step at a time.

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9. I don’t need help:

Who won ever achieve greatness all by themselves. Even the Mightiest have mentors, supporters and teams. Admitting you need help is not a weakness but strength. It means acknowledging you value progress over pride. Remember the lone wolf might walk fast but the pack walks far.

10. I must always be strong:

Constant strength is unsustainable and unrealistic. It’s okay to have moments of weakness, to feel vulnerable and unsure. This moment don’t diminish your strength instead the humanize you. It’s acknowledging and working through this vulnerability that true resilient is built. Allow yourself the Grace to be human, to rest and to recharge. It’s in this pause that you gathered with bigger determination. Strength isn’t about being unbreakable it’s about knowing that even when you break you can still pick yourself up back again and keep on going.

11. Failure is not an option:

This mindset with paralyze you. failure isn’t just an option it’s an inevitable path to success. The fear of failure is far more damaging than failure itself. You need to be okay with the idea of failure and comfortable with yourself if you do indeed fail, which you will probably do at some point. This will liberate you from the pressure of failure instilled within you.

12. I can’t be successful and have a balance life:

This is unnecessary choice in Pools by misguided belief system and we have fallen victims of this ourselves. Balance doesn’t mean compromising success, it means integrating all aspect of your life. it’s about finding harmony between work, passion, relaxation and relationships

13. People like me don’t become successful:

It’s a deep believe often rooted in fear and insecurity. You deserve success just as anyone else because success isn’t a reserved privilege, it’s a result of efforts, resilience and the courage to pursue your goal, challenging this Lie by recognizing your what and the value you bring.

14. Someday my life will get better on its own:

Hope is not a strategy. Waiting for your life to improve without taking any action is like waiting for a ship at the airport. Change requires efforts, it’s demands you to step up, take control and do the work.

15. It’s not too late:

As long as you are willing to change then it’s not too late. Think about it like this, ” if I start right now I still have enough time to make it meaningful

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