May 24, 2024

Let’s just admit it; we all lie. Sometimes it’s a big lie that involves deliberate deceit and planning. it’s highly likely that you’ve called sick to work complete with a convincing cough and congestion. More often than not, these are fibs that we tell others to avoid hurting their feelings, or to get on with our day, or even, to make our stories a little more interesting


“I’m on my way”:

One of the most frequent fibs in the friend playbook. Your friend, with the best intentions, might claim they’re en route to your meet-up spot. However, more often than not, they are still putting on the finishing touches or engrossed in something else. The perpetual lateness can test your patience and leave you questioning the concept of punctuality in your friendship.

“It wasn’t that expensive”:

You’ve likely told this lie to your partner before when they’ve asked you how much you spent on that new jacket or shoes. While you definitely couldn’t afford them, that what your credit card is for, right?

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“It’s so great to see you”:

You haven’t seen this person for months and if it was up to you, it would be years more before you saw them again. But you bumped into them at a cocktail party and now have to act as if you’ve been trying hard to see them in that time. Admit it: It’s really not that great to see them


“I loved that movie you recommended”:

Movie recommendations are a common topic among friends, but be wary of enthusiastic agreements. Your friend might claim to have watched and enjoyed the film you suggested, only to later reveal subtle hints that they haven’t seen it at all. This lie may stem from a desire to avoid potential disagreements about differing tastes or an attempt to fit into your cinematic preferences.

“I remember you”:

While the person you were just introduced to seems to remember you, you seem to have no idea who they are. Of course, you are not going to admit it, so you smile and warmly recall meeting them before

“I read that book”:

Literary discussions can be a bonding point for friends, but watch out for the claim that your friend has read the latest book on your reading list. The truth might unravel when you delve into specific chapters or characters, exposing their lack of familiarity beyond the book’s cover or synopsis.

“I didn’t see your call/text”:

In the age of constant connectivity, this lie has become a classic. Your friend might insist they missed your attempts to contact them, leaving you wondering if they’re purposefully avoiding you or simply buried in their own world. Navigating communication becomes a subtle game of hide and seek, challenging the transparency of your friendship.

“I love it!”:

Something we usually say around any gift-giving holiday. This is the lie you say when you get something you really hate, or you are not so keen on but you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the giver.

While these lies may seem harmless on the surface, addressing them with open communication can strengthen the bond you share. After all, a foundation of honesty ensures that your friendship is built on trust rather than a web of everyday falsehoods.


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