May 24, 2024

Following Paul Pogba’s four-year suspension for doping offenses, Bruno Fernandes has written the former Manchester United midfielder a message of support.

The 30-year-old French playmaker for Juventus was placed on a temporary suspension in August following preliminary testing that revealed his testosterone levels were high. The Italian national anti-doping tribunal (Nado), which has now requested a four-year ban, confirmed these results on Thursday.

Pogba’s career would all but end as a result of the exile. The athlete will appeal the Nado judgment to the Court of Arbitration for Sport since he believes it to be “incorrect” and opposes the ruling.

Fernandes, a former teammate at United, offered Pogba encouragement on Instagram by leaving a remark under a picture of the World Cup champion endorsing his request. Together, bro,” the 29-year-old added, and “PP [love heart emoji]” was the response from former captain Harry Maguire.

Pogba, who departed United in 2022, disputes ever taking performance-enhancing substances on purpose and expressed surprise at Nado’s conclusions. “I have been informed of the Tribunale Nazionale Antidoping’s decision today and feel that the verdict is incorrect,” the man stated in a statement.

“I am devastated, appalled, and saddened that everything I have worked so hard to achieve in my professional playing career has been ripped from me. The whole picture will become evident once I am no longer subject to legal constraints, but I have never purposefully or intentionally used any substances that are against anti-doping laws.As a professional athlete, I would never use illegal substances to improve my performance, and I have never deceived or mistreated other athletes or the fans of the teams I have played for or against.

“In light of the ruling made today, I will file an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”

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