May 25, 2024

On Tuesday night, Leicester City defeated AFC Bournemouth of the Premier League to secure a spot in the FA Cup quarterfinals. Regular time was remarkably level in both half, albeit the hosts were presumably a little ahead. Abdul Fatawu’s incredible curler from the right side of the area at the end of the first half of extra time altered everything. Until the final whistle, the Foxes appeared to be the more likely team to score, but it might have been a nerve-wracking last fifteen minutes.

It would be accurate to state that there were “much changes” to the lineup. I won’t be using metaphors here. A Championship squad playing a top-tier club is one thing, but doing it with just one regular starter in the starting lineup is quite another. Jakub Stolarsczk, Arjan Raikhy, Wanya Marcal, and the veterans who haven’t played much this year deserve praise. It was a performance worth expanding upon. It’s possible that Enzo Maresca will soon face a few selection issues.

Most likely not, though.

Yunus Akgun, among the players vying for playing time, is the one who, in my opinion, helped himself the most. His efforts up until that moment were remarkable, but his finishing touch failed him down almost every time. I’m a fan, but I’m not sure if he turned the gaffer’s head.

The Foxes go to the FA Cup quarterfinals with the win. When the draw is held on Wednesday night, we will find out who our opponents are. On Saturday, we play Queen’s Park Rangers at the King Power in League Championship action. I can assure you that we will win this game—as long as you don’t bet on it. We are going to the northeast in one week, to take on Sunderland at the Lighthouse.

Leicester City: Yunus Akgun, Marc Albrighton (C) (Abdul Fatawu 63′), Wanya Marcal, Tom Cannon (Kelechi Iheanacho 63′), Dennis Praet (Ben Nelson 115′), Arjan Raikhy (Ricardo Pereira 46′), Jakub Stolarczyk, Conor Coady, Jannik Vestergaard, Callum Doyle, and Marc Albrighton

AFC Bournemouth: Adam Smith, Philip Billing, Lewis Cook, Alex Scott, Enes Unal, Luis Sinisterra, Dango Ouatarra, Mark Travers, Marcos Senesi, Illia Zabarnyi, Milos Kerkez,

Important Events and Remarks

5′-The Foxes are controlling the situation and moving the ball quickly. It’s a fantastic start, but it won’t last the entire match like this.

11′-It looks like we’re going to have another open match. Hopefully, we handle it more skillfully than we did on Friday.

17′-Come to an end! There, the Cherries came dangerously close to seizing the lead. After charging into the right channel, Sinisterra returned the ball to Unal. The attacker from Turkey has an eternity to line up his shot. Although he defeats Stolarczyk, Choudhury is there to clarify the air.

22′: The Finish Line! Doyle is caught off guard by Sinisterra, who grabs it back for Scott. His initial attempt clears the bar, although it missed only little.

26′: Unal collapses into a heap while attempting to latch onto a left-side cross. He slipped and appeared to have injured his shoulder, but there doesn’t seem to have been any contact. He leaves for medical care. This would be a major setback for the hosts because Dominic Solanke is not part of the Cherries lineup.

29′: Move your body correctly. Unal is doing fine.

32’—A Close Up! Rarely, the Foxes venture far into Bournemouth territory. Both Vestergaard and Cannon had their shots blocked (no, really). Albrighton flips it around and throws a peach-shaped cross into the space. Yunus makes strong contact and stands up nicely, but he opens it wide.

38′-It is evident that the pundits have not done their research on the Foxes. They’re highlighting the fact that Cannon returned to collect the ball from the keeper, but that’s just part of City’s routine.

40′: Near! A free kick near the right corner flag is won by Cannon. Albrighton puts it straight to the striker’s forehead, but he is unable to muster enough force to overcome Travers.

41′: It’s almost over! Near! In their own half, the Cherries turn the ball over. Attempting to hit it long range, Albrighton sees it bounce off the inside of the far post. The ball is moved back out to Wanya, who shoots a curling attempt that Travers expertly parries.

45′: Choudhury concedes a free kick precisely in the middle of the “D.” Ouatarra accepts it, although for a little while it deviates from reality. It reaches Sinisterra, who flicks a quick peek in that direction, but Stolarczyk holds his ground and palms it away.

AFC Bournemouth 0, Leicester City 0 at halftime

46′: Raikhy is on for Ricardo Pereira. The former Villa player’s complete debut wasn’t the most exciting, but he was nonetheless competitive against a Premiership team.

49′: Cook leaps forward and, without actually making contact, dives over Vestergaard’s knee. After that, he lashes out at Choudhury, and he’s lucky that no one else saw him.

50′: Near! Senesi strikes in a cross with his right hand. Coady gives it to Stolarczyk, but the custodian fails to pick it up. It hits the far post and bounces off unharmed. fortunate.

59′: Yunus completes everything, but he does everything correctly. He beats six Bournemouth players as he moves the ball down the left wing from deep in his own half. He cuts inside onto his left boot and takes aim squarely at the keeper with a subdued shot.

63′: Maresca switches roles, bringing Abdul Fatawu and Kelechi Iheanacho in for Cannon and Albrighton. I take it you know him? Is he the FA Cup King? He is that.

73′: Ryan Christie, the replacement, scores as the Cherries break right. He attempts a close-up photo, but Stolarczyk blocks his path.

77′: The Foxes appear worn out. The technique breaks down when there are just two bodies forward during a pause. The ball is then cycled back out to Coady, who hits a cross that manages to get past every defender and fall at Yunus’ feet. Like everyone else, he is astounded that the ball managed to get there and emerge unharmed.

80′- James Callum Doyle is on for Justin. As an aside, Justin is a large boy. He’s a huge ‘one, but I didn’t really see it until he was warming up.

85′: Near! Yunus receives a through ball that completely breaches the Cherries’ defense. He turns, fires a close-range shot, and knocks it over. Had must have been scored. At least it ought to have been on target.

89′: Near! After getting past the defense, Ricardo only needs to beat the goalkeeper. When you would have expected him to score, he twists it far wide with his weaker left boot.

END OF REGULAR TIME: Leicester City 0, AFC Bournemouth 0.93’–This is a replication of Yusus’ last run, but with a change in direction. He defeats all those who attempt to stop him but are unable to locate Iheanacho on the left or Fatawu on the right.

98′: The Foxes had a good start to the extra session, but Bournemouth is beginning to put some pressure on them.

115′: SCOOP! Fatawu uses the appropriate channel to slip in Iheanacho. The Ghanaian player receives a ball back from the Seniorman, cuts inside, and attempts his go-to curler. At the far post, he beats Travers with a brilliantly struck shot.

115+1′: Ben Nelson is on and Praet is off

END OF FIRST HALF OF EXTRA TIME: Leicester City 1, AFC Bournemouth 0.

118′: Near! That would have been the century’s objective. After winning the ball at the back, the Foxes play a string of 1-2s down the length of the field. The worst part is that Vestergaard is a part of every one to two. He goes one-on-one with Travers and gets it past the whole defenders. Although his shot beats the keeper, Scott clears it off the line.

121′: Yunus has accomplished everything tonight save for a goal. He has put in a lot of effort on defense, been unstoppable when he has the ball, and never stopped running. But has to score a few goals.

125′: The Foxes are now clearly in the lead. Remain passive and protect the lead? No, that’s not what we’re doing.

128′: The Cherries win their thirteenth corner, but at this point, nothing will be able to get past Nelson and Vestergaard.

END OF EXTRA TIME: Leicester City 1, AFC Bournemouth 0.

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