May 25, 2024

FC Barcelona triumphed handily over Real Betis in their most recent La Liga match. The Catalans were able to secure all three points in spite of the evident charm and tenacity of the Benito Villamarin.

As for Betis, they can reasonably be dissatisfied with the outcome, but Barcelona can celebrate their accomplishments. But Barcelona did have its fair share of difficult moments leading up to this victory.

Even after the Catalan giants had seized a resounding 2-0 lead, Betis persisted and leveled the scores. Only later was Xavi’s Barcelona able to demonstrate their abilities and achieve the much-needed turnaround.

The Barcelona head coach did, however, sense his team’s momentum waver after the game was leveled, as Mundo Deportivo notes. However, he also recognized the significance of this triumph and the role Ferran Torres played in it:

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After Real Betis 2-4 Barcelona, Xavi talks about Ferran, Cubarsi, Yamal, Roque, and Lewandowski.

BARCELONA, SPAIN – OCTOBER 26: FC Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez thanks the supporters after his team’s loss and elimination from the UEFA Champions League in the group C match between FC Barcelona and FC Bayern München at Spotify Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain on October 26, 2022.

FC Barcelona triumphed handily over Real Betis in their most recent La Liga match. The Catalans were able to secure all three points in spite of the evident charm and tenacity of the Benito Villamarin.

While it makes sense that Betis will,

On the other hand, the Barcelona coach is not completely convinced. He believed that while Barça played a very controlled game and insisted on being dominant, they still have to figure things out:

“We performed admirably. Even when we lost possession, the game remained under control and we played excellently with the ball. It became complicated because of a particular play in which Iñaki Peña and Araujo did not understand each other.

This season, no other team has defeated Betis at the Villamarin; Barcelona is now the first. It is still hoped by Xavi that this game would prove to be a turning point for his team:

We had been waiting for a match like this. Even though we were in pain, we had fun on the field today. Hopefully, that click will help us. It could be a fantastic day today.

Xavi directly praised Ferran Torres in return, highlighting the impact of the 23-year-old Spanish striker. He took care to emphasize the Spaniard’s fortitude as well:

“He made the necessary changes on his own. He told me in an amazing summertime message that he will be successful at Barcelona. He has earned his exceptional mental toughness, which is among the strongest I’ve encountered in my professional life.

“Cubarsí possesses great skill. He appears much older than sixteen; he is responsible and laser-focused. He is yet to drop a ball. He’s going to leave his stamp on the football scene. similar to Lamine Yamal. They are both quite mature and talented players. They stand for the club’s history and current state.

When asked about the move he made to replace Robert Lewandowski with Vitor Roque, Xavi’s response was really simple:

“Lewandowski’s alteration? I consider what the team needs right then. We required our nine to “attack” the area, and Roque excels at doing just that. To win, I believed that change was the best option.

Finally, Xavi was questioned about the contentious Real Madrid match at the press conference following the game. Many VAR rulings that were made against Almeria have caused a great deal of criticism in the game. But Xavi’s response was equally succinct:

“I continue to cling to a statement made by Almería’s coach Garitano and excellent journalist Alfredo Relaño. Winning this league is going to be really tough. I mentioned it in Getafe before. I noticed some discrepancies. We must continue to prevail, yet there are certain things beyond our control. Today, it was visible to all.

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