May 24, 2024

Today, there was a disturbance in Osaka, Japan.

Tuesday saw the conclusion of one of the longest title reigns in boxing history as Seigo Yuri Akui upset Artem Dalakian, the WBA flyweight champion.The Ukrainian had traveled east to fight because he is currently unable to do so in his native Ukraine. The two were battling in Osaka, Japan.

He had previously expressed during the week how much he enjoyed fighting “on the road,” but it turned out that this was one trip too far as he lost by a unanimous vote on a scorecard of 116-112 117-111 119-109.

Akui fought on the front foot, with the incumbent trying to remain out of range wherever possible. Dalakian, the six-time winner, lost his unblemished record after failing to win on his seventh try.Akui took command of the scorecard when he successfully landed his right-handers, despite Dalakian’s attempts to reclaim the position with some left hooks.

Aku began to consolidate his lead in the eighth round, and although Dalakian attempted to break his momentum by winning, Aku’s defensive strategy left him with little hope of catching his opponent.It was already too late for Akui to rally beyond a stoppage when Dalakian caught him with a hard blow in the tenth round.In February 2018, Dalakian emerged victorious over Brian Viloria, but perhaps the war and the coronavirus pandemic that preceded it had rendered him incompetent. At 36, it could just be that aging is catching up with him.


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