May 25, 2024

In an Epic Club Shay Shay interview last month, Katt Williams roasts the majority of prominent Black comedians. Dave Chapelle is replying now, and it has confirmed that he is shooting SHOTS at Katt.

When Dave showed up for a comedy show to honor fellow comic and buddy Deon Cole, he got hot and heavy talking about Katt.

Dave was furious with Katt because his interview overshadowed his recently released Netflix comedy special, which did not do well.

He begins the series of jokes by saying, “I love a lot of people, but I love Katt more than most people, and that n***a is WILD.”

Dave Chappelle watches a basketball game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles, California on January 15.

Then he started making fun of the angry little comedian, Media Take Out confirmed.

“I’m at war with the illuminati too. But what part of that war is ethering Cedric the Entertainer. [Katt said] I’m disbanding the illuminati and I’m starting with Cedric The Entertainer,” Dave joked.

“Cedric is a good dude. He’s old he’s fat. Leave this n***a alone.”

Dave then recognized that a woman was tweeting about the jokes and he told the audience member, “Don’t tweet about or tell anyone what I’m saying because this Katt Williams beef is hot.”

“Marlon Wayans called me and told me that what Katt Williams did, on Club Shay Shay was good for comedy – no it’s not.”

Comedian Deray Davis then took the stage and tried to defend Katt, arguing that his interview was “good for comedy”

CORAL GABLES, FL – AUGUST 26: Actor/ Comedian Katt Williams poses for a picture backstage after performing live on stage during the “Katt Williams: The Dark Matter Tour” at Watsco Center on August 26, 2023 in Coral Gables, Florida. (Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images)
But Dave shut down Deray, saying,

“No it’s not n***a, shut the f**k up.”

Dave argued that Katt’s interview was released the same day as his new Netflix special, and Katt overshadowed him – and he’s upset.

He explained, “I released a special the same day – and Katt came out saying,

“I read 6,000 books … what the f**k is you talking about.”

Dave then said, “Stop f***ing things up, I need the [Netflix] money.”

We can’t wait to hear Katt Williams response:

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