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“It’s time to move out Officers…. Let’s go! let’s go! We can’t lose him this time.” Officer Jade spoke hastily to his subordinates as they walked hurriedly around the offices, trying to put together needed supplies of ammunition and other necessities for the trip.

“It’s gonna be a long ride…” He whispered to himself as he walked over to his official car.

At this point, there were several men outside waiting, all gingerly looking at him for his final instructions. Officer Jade looked from one man to the next, studying their expressions and observing their resolution to the task ahead.

“Alright Officers, this is it! Do we have a good hunch? — yes, but can we leverage on that hunch to get the criminal? — of course! We can! And that success depends on each of us!” He paused for effect.

“Let’s go out there and get that criminal! Who’s with me?!” His voice boomed with authority and his face was set as a flint.

“I am with you sir!”

“I am with you sir!” Another called out.

“Success is ours, nothing less!”

Soon they erupted in applause and cheers of expected victory. Officer Jade wore a confident smile as he basked in the euphoria of the enthusiasm of his men. When the applause died down, he continued.

“Keep your ears alert for any signal or anything unusual. Remember, we must bring the lady alive no matter what. Alright, let’s move out now!”

Partners located themselves and in the space of 10 minutes, the group had dispersed.



Sophie winced as a sharp pain cut through her waist. She wondered why she was still alive in this hell. At this point, death seemed more desirable. It certainly would be a greater relief to die than having to face this unbearable pain everyday. Unbelievably, Brian had kept her standing, having tied up her hands in the opposite directions against two large polls, preventing her from sitting for three whole days.

Her face was battered and bleeding, throat dry, lips cracked. She couldn’t even keep count of how many times he had electrocuted or almost drowned her in a small body of water. ‘Regret’ flooded her soul, but even that word still felt short in describing exactly how she felt. As much as she tried to forget it, she kept recalling the memory from five years ago as if it happened yesterday. Her mind settled on the first day it all started….



15th January, 2016, five years ago.

“Bar man, give me another shot of tequila! Sharp sharp!” A slurred female voice called out the order.

“Coming right up!”

Soon the dejected looking woman had another small cup of tequila in front of her. She smiled, trying to steady her focus on the little cup, her eyes already drowsy.

“Thank you Steve.” She smiled at him.

The bar man had become her closest confidante three days ago, when she stepped her foot into the bar. Her boyfriend whom she had dated for ten good years of her life, had told her that it was over just like that. When she asked why, he said he had lost interest. That day, his words stabbed the life out of her and left her bleeding internally. The pain she felt could not be described. How could she have been so foolish! She had wasted ten whole years with a guy that she hoped would marry her and then realize it was all a joke to him. To worsen it all, the next day, she saw his wedding invite online! She let out a soft gasp and gave in to sobbing again as she remembered the smiling faces on the pre-wedding photos.

“Haba Sophie, these tears are enough now…. You can’t keep doing this to yourself.” Steve’s voice was laced with concern.

“He ruined me Steve, he ruined me. I gave him my all. I sacrificed for him. Do you know that when he was ill, I quit my high paying job just to stay with and care for him for almost a year?” She gave a bitter laugh.

“I thought he would die, I was so scared Steve, so scared. I didn’t want him to leave me. I didn’t want the cold hands of death to steal him away from me. I prayed and cried at his bedside every day for the ten months that he was bedridden. Little did I know that……”

She broke down in tears, her whole body quaking. Mucus ran down her nostrils and she didn’t seem to bother about it.

“Here, you can use this for your nose.” He handed her a small towel and watched her clean up her face.

“You need to calm down babe. Life is tough and it’s only the tough that can go through it.”

It was getting pretty late already and the bar was emptying out. So he had all the time to spend with her since he had no customer he needed to attend to.

“You know I was also dumped by my girlfriend two months ago. I was more than heartbroken. But see me today, I’ve moved on. Babe, just try and put that guy out of your mind.”

“See, Steve, don’t tell me that rubbish! I will never move on. Never!” She screamed the last word, attracting stares from the other two customers.

“Lower your voice na. Do you want to drive my customers away?” He gestured to the customers that all was well. That seemed to calm them down, as they continued with their drinks.

“Steve, I sware before God and man that I will make the life of any man that wants to date me a living hell! He will suffer and will suffer slowly. The revenge I cannot take on my Ex, I’ll take it on him. He will regret ever knowing me!”

She spoke the words through tightly clenched teeth, hatred reverberating in every word and sending cold shivers down the spine of Steve. The veins in her head bulged out and her eyes shone red.

Steve was still trying to come up with a reply when Brian walked in.


What do you feel will be the repercussion of Sophie’s words of hatred and revenge?

Please drop your comments and let’s enjoy the ride.




©Written by:
Asher Esther Orohuchari



©Edited by:
Priscilla Asher

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