May 28, 2024


Brian’s eye went wide in horror. He hadn’t expected that shot, it didn’t come from his gun. But seeing Sophie lay on the grass motionless amused him greatly. The shot hadn’t gotten anywhere close to her, so she probably must have fainted out of fear. The unlucky tree that got a bullet through its bark was three yards away from them and it was obviously a warning shot.

Just realizing his predicament, he swiftly perused the environment with his eyes, gun extended. Almost immediately, another shot landed close to his feet. A soft gasp escaped his lips. He sprinted for the nearest large tree he saw and hid behind it. Several options of an escape route ran through his mind.

“Step out with your hands up where I can see them!” A bold voice called out from among the trees opposite him.

Instead of stepping out, he peered towards that direction, checking for any movement. There was a dim light shuffling in the grass behind a large iroko tree and he caught the glimpse of a maroon colored shirt the Police wore. He could imagine the man with his complete uniform — a carton colored trouser and ranks to match, shiny black shoes that must have turned dusty and a smart looking cap bearing the Police logo. He loved the uniform, infact, he admired them but knew he wouldn’t fit in.

Smirking, he aimed properly and released the shot. A loud cry followed, making him revel in the glory of a successful shot fired. After Sophie left an indelible mark on him, he had taken solace in the company of his retired military friend who taught him a good deal about guns and arm wrestling. For that period, it seemed to preoccupy his mind, giving his friend a reason to be grateful for the distraction it gave Brian, from the grief. He felt as though his chest tied into a knot at the thought. It was like the grief came over him again.

He looked at Sophie still motionless in the middle of a battlefield! As much as he knew, he would love to dash over there and enjoy strangling the life out of her, he also knew he could not. So instead, he restrained himself and channeled the hate into the gun he bore, steadying his arms and aiming at her.

The voices of yelling Policemen still drifted into his ears and gradually, he drained them out, narrowing his focus and fixing it on the sleeping beauty that looked a mess.



Sophie could hear voices as she drifted back to consciousness. She could hear her rapid heartbeat against her chest and knew she wasn’t dead for sure. Relief washed over her.

Now her thoughts centered on where Brian was and why there were other voices apart from theirs. Could it be the Police? A lot of questions ran through her mind. For a moment, a thought lingered in her mind. She considered jumping to her feet and making a dash for the wild vegetation. But who could tell what awaited her?

She knew she could take no chances, so instead of stirring in anyway, she stayed motionless and slightly opened her eyes. Her eyes met the form of a red colorful bird, perched on one of the trees, looking so alert and agitated. It then moved to the elaborate leaves that clothed the trees beautifully and finally, it came down to rest on Brian who was grinning from ear to ear, with a gun aimed at her.

She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move, she only pleaded with him using her eyes. All hope of being forgiven disappeared when she saw him mouth the words, “Bye Sophie.”

Adrenaline surged through her body and in an instance, she was up and running vigorously, towards a thick bush. Several shots missed her and momentarily, the shooting was from the opposite side. Possibly, it was the Police as Brian had said. From her estimation, more of them had arrived and she was grateful to have them keep him occupied while she made her escape.



Officer Jade’s senses were alert, aiming and shooting at suspected hideouts as they pursued the criminal the opposite way. He had seen Sophie run south and quickly asked an officer to follow her while himself and the rest of the team stayed back to get the criminal.

This was what he loved about his job — the adventure of curbing a criminal and bringing him to justice. That’s what the world needed — more of justice, less of crimes. Reminiscing on justice boosted his strength again and he continued the pursuit.

“The criminal is headed to the barn three kilometers west. I repeat, three kilometers west. Do you copy?”

Several voices replied affirmatively.

He quickened his pace, following the snapping of branches and crunching of dried leaves that he heard. He had to close the distance between them.



Heart racing rapidly, branches slapping at her face and legs aching already, Sophie kept running. She tried to swallow saliva down to patch her dried throat, but even that couldn’t go down well.

“Oh God help me! Oh God help me…” Her rough exhausted voice cried out weakly.

“Save me from trouble.”

Psalm 23 seeped into her mind, making her recollect her days in Sunday School. She was only four when her teacher taught them the Psalm. It had helped her then, maybe it would now. Then it struck her how far she had been from God. When last did she even say a prayer? It was only a facade of religion she had been displaying for a long time now.

Still caught up in that thought, she didn’t realize the big stone that lay across her path. Within a blink, she had hit her leg hard against the stone and was tumbling down an unending slope. Her body caught through several sharp stones, making her bleed uncontrollably.

Will she survive this fall?



How do you predict the story will unfold?

Please drop your comments and let’s enjoy the ride.




©Written by:
Asher Esther Orohuchari



©Edited by:
Priscilla Asher

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  1. She’s definitely surviving… amidst all the chaos and torture, she’s still resilient.

    That Brian of a guy, he has met his end…

    #asherich #asherrichfan #Hunted

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