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The endless journey continued. Sophie was so exhausted, her legs were swollen and her waist ached. They only paused at intervals to refuel and use the restroom at fuel stations.

She glanced at Brian who was equally exhausted but would die before he’d admit it. She knew him too well, he always loved to act strong all the time. She could tell from the slump of his shoulders and his frequent yawning, he was tired.

“Brian, I feel we should take a break for an hour or two. It won’t hurt.”

“Spare me that trash! We keep riding!” His voice sounded monstrous, Sophie couldn’t help but shiver.

“Calm down, I noticed you were tired, that’s all.”

“Amazing, just so amazing. Now she’s feigning concern for me.” He gave a laughter full of mockery.

“No, I’m serious. You’ve been driving for like how long? I think 17 hours or more, non-stop. Who does that!” A blend of concern, annoyance and irritation clouded her voice, choking her words.

“Shut up! I say shut that filthy mouth of yours!” He yelled.

“You have no right to tell me what I can or can’t do! Do you hear me?”


Reaching out his right hand, he grabbed her neck, choking the life out of her,

“I said do you hear me? Always reply when I ask you a question!” He spoke through tightly gritted teeth.

She nodded vigorously in the affirmative.

“Good, that’s my girl.”

He relaxed, using his hand to arrange her disheveled hair. She held her palms together on her laps, ready for the worst.

“Relax sweetheart, we’ll be at our destination in the next 10 minutes and then the party can begin in earnest.”

Sophie looked around for any possible destination, but all she saw was a large expanse of land covered in thick bush, extending till like forever.

“My doom is sure.” With deep gloom, her thoughts settled on these words.

They took a turn, left and drove through a crooked pathway that probably had been abandoned for many years. Soon, an old warehouse came into view. The white paint had faded away, leaving a faded brown outlook. From the car, Sophie could see the rusted roof with a portion of it out of place. She imagined how several birds must have made their nest beneath the roof. It looked like a monument.

“Welcome to your new home.” He stepped out and spread his arms wide, taking in a deep breath and obviously enjoying the nature spread round about.

The ground was damp and soft with soil when Sophie alighted from the car. She looked around, unsure, wondering what was so fascinating about the place. All she could see was thick green grasses that had covered the whole area surrounding the warehouse. The view was creepy.

“This will be your home for as long as you can survive and remain alive.”

Brian quickly led the way to the front, opening up the door. The first thing that met her nose was the damp smell of the place, it was so strong. She tried adjusting her eyes to the dimness that enveloped the large hall. It was lighted by very few light bulbs.

“You’ll be sleeping there till further notice.” He casually pointed his hand towards a corner of the warehouse.

Sophie looked to her left and saw a sleeping bag lying carelessly.

“You mean I’ll sleep….. there?”

“Don’t look so disgusted Sophie, rather, you should be grateful that you even have one.” He smiled satisfactorily.

“Go to sleep darling we have a very long day tomorrow.”

Sitting on one of the few stools available in the warehouse, she watched Brian as he continued to put other things in place. Her mind was in a haze. She just sat still until she was ordered to lie down.

Despite the pathetic sleeping bag, she was deeply grateful for the opportunity to stretch her legs again and lie down. Relief spread through her body and soon she was fast asleep.

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Sophie jerked up, vibrating violently under the weight and influence of something. She couldn’t control herself, feeling so possessed by something. All she could hear was her voice overshadowing every other noise, screaming in so much pain. Sweat poured down her face in torrents. She tried standing up, but fell back so hard that she thought her spinal cord must be fractured.

“What’s this??? What’s happening to me???” She could hear her voice calling out as if from a tunnel.

Considering the environment, do you think Sophie can escape Brian easily and unhurt?

Do you think Sophie is possessed? If yes, by who or what?

Please drop your comments and let’s enjoy the ride.




Β©Written by:
Asher Esther Orohuchari


Β©Edited by:
Priscilla Asher

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