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Several thoughts were in a frenzy in Brian’s head. He had to look for a way out of this mess. The Police had seen his face, the evidence against him was much. Two thoughts laid hard on his heart — he either surrenders or get on the run. The second seemed better, he wasn’t going to give in without a fight. Without further thought, he kicked on the ignition and zoomed off on high speed, taking the officers off guard.

“Come on now! We’re letting him get away!” Officer Jade snapped, and they scurried quickly into the Police Van parked just a few metres away.

“Suspect is in possession of a Glock G34 and riding an ash Suzuki with GWS-289VN as plate number. Currently on high speed heading East on Ronny Highway Road. Over.”

“Roger that. We’ll send in backup immediately.” The voice squeaked over Officer Jade’s radio.

“He might be carrying more weapons, so let’s be on guard.”

They took a terrific sharp U-turn, the tires screeching as they kept up the chase.
Brian was sweating profusely. This was not what he had envisioned at all. He took a side glance at Sophie, frowning in displeasure, her loud cries making him feel more irritated.

“You’re the cause of all this!” He hissed.
Sophie just continued crying.

He kept up his speed, trying to keep a good distance between them and the cops. From his side mirrors, he could see that two more cars had joined in the pursuit. It seemed like the end, but he was determined more than ever to teach Sophie a lesson she will never forget. They drove into a busy road, and parked where it wouldn’t be so conspicuous.

“Get down from the car and follow me!” Brian ordered.
With that, they got out of the car and walked into a mall, headed for the clothing and accessories section.

Officer Jade’s car was the first to round the bend into the street. His eyes narrowed, looking at the various cars on the street. He couldn’t find the suspect’s car.

“Where did he go to? Can you see him around?” He spoke into his radio.

“Nope, no sign of him from my end.” Officer Japheth replied with two other officers.

“Let’s move into the street and look around.”
The search started.

Sophie looked at herself in the mirror. She looked really strange in the hijab and extra large gown she was forced to wear. Her heels were replaced with an ugly looking flat shoe that peeped from under her gown in an awkward way.
“How can I be thinking of ugly shoes in this my precarious situation.” She thought to herself, letting out a tired breath.

“Aren’t you done yet?! We’re running out of time here.” Brian’s voice called out from the adjoining room.

“A minute please.” She took one last look at her image before stepping out.
Brian’s eye was focused on her, giving a one-sided smile,

“No matter what you wear, you always look so beautiful. My beauty queen.” Sophie wondered how he could find time for some sarcasm.

She shot him a death glare. Oh, how she hated Brian!

“Memories of our moments together are still very fresh in mind”. He smiled longingly, lost in the past. Then a deep frown replaced it.

“Sadly, you couldn’t help but ruin everything!” He glared at her.

“Brian, let’s not attract any attention here. I don’t want anyone hurt because of me.” She looked around, thankful that they were the only ones in the dressing room.

“Wow…now she’s playing the good girl.” He walked up to her and grabbed her arm so tight.

“I’ll suck the very life out of you Sophie…..and I’ll take deep pleasure seeing you suffer”.
She started trembling once again, fear gnawing at her heart,

“Please Brian. I’m sorry.” She tried to hold back the tears.

“Don’t ‘please’ me. Let’s get out of here before you start another round of tears.”

He relaxed his hold on her and took her hand more lightly like a gentleman. She sighed in relief as the pain receded. They proceeded to make the payment and then went outside.

“Our car is over there.”

“Don’t be stupid Sophie, we’re not using that car. It will ruin our disguise.”

They walked down the street, mingling with the crowd as much as possible. He was wearing a caftan with a cap, looking very traditional. Soon he spotted just the right car. It was a blue faded Peugeot sitting idly by the driveway. He went to the driver’s door and used his master key to open it. Leaning to his side, he let Sophie in through the other door.

Using his hands to feel just under the steering wheel, he maneuvered his way around, tugging at two wires and tore off the rubber. Striking them together, the engine roared to life. He put in the gear, ready to move.

“Don’t you just love me Sophie? A super intelligent gentleman.” He winked at her.
Sophie was in no mood for jokes. She scoffed her displeasure and turned her eyes out the window.

“Soon, you’ll agree with me.” He smiled and pressed down on the accelerator.
As the car started moving out into the busy road, an old man came out of a cafe frantically waving at them to stop and talking to passersby who were not too busy to listen.

“That’s probably the owner.” Sophie looked at him in pity.

“He’s surely the owner. An old fool.” That naughty grin was plastered on his face again. Sophie wondered what joy he derived from doing evil.

They sped off and were soon on the highway with very few cars. After an hour, he could finally breathe normally.

“Why are you so quiet Sophie?”

“Just let me be.”

“Are you sad that we lost the police?” He feigned concern. Sophie remained silent.

“I can feel my blood pumping so rapidly. My heart is racing in excitement as I picture the surprise I have for you. You can’t imagine what awaits you.” His grin widened.

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What do you think awaits Sophie?

What should Sophie have done differently to escape Brian?

Please drop your comments and let’s enjoy the ride.


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