May 24, 2024


Present Day

A mini alarm caught the attention of Sophie and she looked towards the chair Brian was sitting on, facing a portable computer. She couldn’t fully understand why that alarm had such an effect on him. His eyes were wide, watching the screen, slowly the color on his face drained.

He jumped to his feet and ran towards the place he kept his shuttle bag.

“Shit! No no no no! This can’t be happening!”

He dumped his laptop, pair of shoes, toothbrush and other supplies in the bag.

“We have to get out of here now!”

Sophie was suddenly alert, wondering what could have pissed him off this much.

“The Police are on our tail!”

He snapped the thick ropes with his knife, cutting them. Sophie sagged to the ground, weak as ever but she knew she had to get up or risk a lot. Pushing herself up despite the pains, she followed Brian out of the warehouse and into the car.



“The warehouse is in view. Keep your eyes open Officers!” Jade’s voice squeaked from their radios

“Roger that sir!”

The five cars followed closely, staying on the barely visible bushy pathway. Soon, they arrived at the warehouse. Guns in hand, they proceeded for the door cautiously, ensuring their movement was noiseless.

One thing seemed off for Officer Jade and that was the door. It was left wide open. Why would the door be open if there was a hostage in there? He kept on, gun extended forward. They’ll have to find out.

He motioned two officers to check around the building for a back door. They rushed in, aiming at all corners of the warehouse. There was nothing.

“Gosh! Check every nook and cranny, Officers!” His voice echoed loudly in the empty room.

As they went about checking, he strode to the place Sophie was initially tied and studied it. Squatting, he used his forefinger to wipe the smear of blood from the ground and then ran it between his fingers. It still looked fresh, very fresh. Drawing a deep breath, he knew it smelled fresh too.

He stood up abruptly. Apparently, they weren’t here.

“Men, let’s move out! They couldn’t have gone far. This blood is still very fresh.” He called out to the men.

“Let’s spread out. Officer Chris, take your team towards the east and I’ll take the rest to the West. Those are the only two pathways out of here that I detected. Let’s move now!”

Everyone spun into action.



Brian drove in a mad rush, West of the warehouse and he knew that he had to cover good distance. His head throbbed in pain, but it couldn’t be measured with the level of hatred that saturated his heart. It was all Sophie’s fault. If not that his alarm ticked off and the camera revealed the police cars heading his way, he’d have been done for.

“It’s all your fault! I was really discreet so how did the Police know our location?”

He looked at her, expecting a reply.

“I-I- don’t know.” She replied, trembling so much out of fear.

“Shut up!!!!! You bloody liar.” He yelled

“You’re still with my phone right?!”

He hit his head with his fist.

“How could I have forgotten totally about that! So where’s it???? Where!?”

“Brian, I don’t have it again.”


They passed through a road that meandered through bushes, entering into gallops so rapidly. The pains in her body shot up another level with each gallop they entered aggressively.

She winced in pain.

“That’s the truth. When we changed into the other clothes at the mall, I forgot the phone in the trousers I was wearing.”

“Why should I believe you?”

“What will I gain from lying to you Brian!! Just let me be!!” She screamed the words, frustrated.

He swirled to the left into a thick bush and stopped.

“I know just what I’ll do.”

He rummaged through his bag and brought out his gun.

“It’s better I do away with you now and avoid any further misery that you’re sure to cause!” The mischievous grin, tugging at his lips again.

“No, please Brian.”

“Get out of the car now!!”

Slowly, she opened the door and struggled to come out, swallowing the pains as much as she could. Brian came around and dragged her to a place where the bushes could hide them well.

When he was satisfied, he stopped and pointed the gun at her, his face full of mock pity.

“Bye Sophie… I’d have enjoyed killing you a different way, but I have no choice now.”

“Brian, you don’t have to do this please. I’m begging you.” She slumped to the ground as tears flooded her eyes.

Brian corked his gun and the last thing she heard was a loud gunshot.



Was Brian heartless to have killed Sophie?

Will he successfully escape the Police?


Please drop your comments and let’s enjoy the ride.




©Written by:
Asher Esther Orohuchari



©Edited by:
Priscilla Asher


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