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Sophie blinked, coming out of her reverie and trying to swallow the thought down. She had to think of something more believable to say or else risk both her life and her mothers’.

She sighed, “Karen dear, meet Jacob, a very good friend of mine. We were actually secondary school mates.”
“Wow, that’s really awesome.” Karen smiled, patiently waiting for more.
“Jacob and I have been in touch since graduation and he decided to give me a surprise visit. He’s actually in town for a business transaction.” Her bold lies amazed her and even much more, Brian.
“Oh, yes, yes, we are very good friends.” He smiled at Karen.
“I’m Jacob, nice to meet you.”
“Karen’s the name.” She took his outstretched hand, looking from Brian to Sophie, her eyes narrowing, hoping to milk out some more juicy information from the two.
“So how come you never mentioned him?”
Sophie’s eyes wavered a bit, ” Errrmm.. It just didn’t cross my mind.”
“But you’re my best friend for God’s sake! I know practically everything about you.” Karen fumed.
“Karen, now’s not the time for this.”
“Of course, now’s not the time! What’s happening Sophie? You look pale and I know you’re not fine.”
“I’m cool, Karen. I need to be somewhere right now.”
“Yes, she’s cool. We’re in a bit of a hurry if you can please excuse us.” He made an attempt to move forward with Sophie.
“Nope… that’s a very big no. Sophie, behind all that facade, I can see that you’re not fine. I know you like the back of my palm.”
Karen stepped closer to her friend,
“Whenever you’re tensed or jittery, you sweat profusely on your temple.”
Brian looked at Sophie, frowning slightly as he noticed the beads of sweat on her temple. Sophie didn’t need to confirm it, she could literally feel it.
“Just let it be Karen. I’m fine.”
“It’s time to say goodbye now. Let’s not forget we’re in a hurry.” Brian was becoming increasingly impatient.
“It’s okay Sophie, we’ll talk some other time. Do take care.”
Brian held onto her tightly and increased their pace. More determined than ever to get to the car before any more distraction would disrupt them.
Karen picked up her cell phone and dialled a number. It rang for a moment, then someone answered.
“Yes, hello sir. I want to report something suspicious about a man wearing a black hood and jean. He’s with a woman and she looks frightened. They just entered a black SUV down Solomon Lake Street.”
“Are you sure of your report”
“Yes sir, I’m very sure. She might be in danger.”
“Alright, I’ll send some of the officers around that axis to follow the car.”
“I’ll also follow them sir. That’s the least I can do.”
“Don’t try that. That is putting your life at risk. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.”
“Okay sir. Thank you.”

The drive was long and tiring. She had lost count of how many cities they’d passed or how long they’d been on the road. At some point, her eyes were too heavy to keep open. She looked at the man driving. He looked so peaceful. As though he read her thoughts, he turned and smiled at her.
“Are you enjoying the view? It’s just so awesome out here. Nature is beautiful, my darling.” He smiled widely. Anyone could have been fooled. Sophie would have smiled too except that she remembered that he was her abductor.
“What will I enjoy about anything?!”
“Don’t be so grumpy sweetheart. The journey has just began.” He winked at her.
“Sit tight while I refill the tank.”
He swirled to the right and into a gas station. Coming down from the car, he went over to the attendant. Sophie watched as they spoke. She looked around for anything she could use to escape and her eyes rested on his gun just beside the driver’s seat. Her heart began beating rapidly. Just beside it was his phone. If she could just take the phone and gun, she could escape and he wouldn’t have any means of notifying his guy to harm her mum. It sounded like a great plan.
She grabbed the gun and the phone with trembling hands. Brian was already coming around to enter the car, she knew it was now or never. Immediately he came in, she aimed the gun at him.
“My sugar plum, what do you think you’re doing?” He smiled at her, trying to remain calm. Gosh! She really was trying his patience now.
“Give it to me, darl.”
“No, I won’t! You’ve done enough! I’m getting out of here!” She spoke through her tightly gritted teeth, breathing hard.
“So you really want it to go down this way.”
“Brian, just stop it! Place your hand on the steering wheel where I can see them.”
“Sure darling.”
He stretched out his hand to place it on the wheel but before she knew what was happening, he grabbed her hand and swiftly collected the gun from her hand. She looked aghast.
Brian looked around and noticed that the station attendant who had her eyes on them, looked alarmed, and had brought out her phone, trying to video the scene. He quickly turned on the ignition, and sped off till he found a serene place. Sophie was immersed in tears, the knowledge of her predicament tore at her heart.
Looking about once again, he pointed the gun at her,
“You bitch! What do you think you were doing? Have you forgotten about your mum?”
“No, no, I don’t know what came over me. Please don’t hurt my mum.”
“Where’s my phone?”
She kept mute.
“I said where’s my phone????!!” He shouted at the top of his voice, holding the gun directly against the side of her head.
All of a sudden, there was a knock on his window. He turned to see two men dressed in mufti. One of the men brought out a Police ID and gestured to him to wind down the glass.
Brian froze, his gun still on Sophie’s head and his heart pounding wildly…

Do you think Sophie acted smart enough?

If you were to be in Sophie’s shoes, what would you have done?

What move do you think Brian would take now?

Please drop your comments let’s enjoy the ride.


©Edited by:
Priscilla Asher

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3 thoughts on “HUNTED – EPISODE THREE

  1. This is getting interesting 🤗🤗🤗

    Based off of on impulse, I think Sophie acted right, she wasn’t psychologically stable to think through any possible alternative and I would probably do the same if not shoot him immediately 😂

    And as for Brian, he would most likely hide any incriminating evidence cause I don’t think the police men saw the gun, so the best option would be to make Sophie play along…

    Anticipating episode 4🤗🥳

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