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The lovey dovey smile on Brian’s face suddenly vanished and was replaced by a stern glare.

“Unfortunately, this isn’t a time for a chit chat sweetheart”, he said sarcastically, tracing her cheek with his finger and rested his eyes on her pink lips.

“You better get back inside quickly or receive the full brunt of my wrath, if you prove stubborn.”

He raised a part of his leather jacket, revealing a black shiny pistol. Sophie stifled a scream, shocked to her bones. Her heart was pounding so hard against her chest, she could almost hear it.

“Please don’t do anything stupid.” She couldn’t recognize her voice, it was barely a whisper.

“What you did five years ago was more than stupid. So whatever I’ll be doing today can be termed as ‘less than stupid’.” He gave a wide grin, exposing his perfect set of white teeth.

“Alright, get inside! Now!”

Sophie struggled to get her feet to move inside, while he followed right behind.

“Please take your seat. I don’t need anyone fainting on me now, we have a long journey and of course, a lot to talk about.”

She slumped into a nearby sofa, knowing that at any moment her legs may give way, as her body trembled terribly.

Brian stood, staring at a portrait of Sophie and her mum, a picture taken during her graduation from law school, their smiles were really contagious.

“As I said earlier, what do you want from me?” Sophie managed to find her voice.

“Your mum is so beautiful, young and bubbling with life.”

As Brian slowly turned to look at her, Sophie caught the glimpse of that naughty smile she was used to seeing, before it disappeared.

“I’m sure you don’t want to hurt your sweet mum.” He winked at her.

Now on her knees, Sophie pleaded profusely, “I beg you Brian, please, please and please, don’t hurt my mum.” She started to cry.

“I can’t bear to live without her, or see her hurt. I beg you, pleaseeeeee….”

“Come on! Stop that crocodile tears now! Are you okay? Can’t you remember I hate tears?” His voice boomed in the small room.

Brian hissed in annoyance, “Get up now! Do you think your tears will move me?”

She scrambled to her feet, clattering a pink flower vase sitting on the centre table. The soil in it splattered everywhere as it crashed on the off-white tiles, soiling it.

“I love the look in your eyes…” He gave a sly smile.

He came over to her, leaning forward towards her neck, he took in her cologne in a long sniff.

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“And I love the way you smell. Oh my! Guess what?! I just want to strangle the living breath out of you, Sophie. Just watch you suffer!”

Sophie was struggling for breath, trying to pull away his huge palms from her neck. Rather than letting go, he tightened his grip, making her more weak, gasping for breath.

“Your neck is so frail that I could just break it with a click of my fingers.”

He licked his lips in pleasure, savoring the moment. Just when she was about to take her final breath, he let her go.

The oxygen that pumped into her lungs was so much, she coughed hard. Oh how precious each breath felt.

“Brian…ple-ease, I’ll do a–any—anything, just don’t hurt me.”

“See how the mighty have fallen!” He laughed mischievously.

“Alright sweetheart, down to business.” Sitting cross legged on one of the sofas, he stared at her with a cold expression in his eyes.

“I could have just abducted you right after you opened the door, but I thought it more appropriate to be a gentleman and give you some rules and regulations guiding this abduction. Do you fully understand what I just said?”

“Y-ee-s, I do.” Sophie stuttered.

“Good. So we’ll be going to a place I’ve decided upon. Right now, we’ll walk together down the street as a lovely couple would, to my car that is parked a block away. You should have a big smile readily available to anyone that cares to say hello. That’s very important.” He shifted his gaze back to the portrait.

“In case you want to try anything stupid just think about your mum. Trust me, I’ve already stationed one of my guys to monitor her.” He smiled wistfully.

“No, please, I won’t try anything at all. I’ll do everything you say. Please don’t hurt my mum.” Her voice was trembling.

“Now that’s what I like to hear. Let’s move!”

Sophie struggled to her feet and walked behind him as they headed for the door. Opening it, he stepped outside and stretched out his hand to collect hers with such a radiant smile, revealing his lovely dimples. To any human out there, he was a saint — a very handsome one at that. Hand in hand, they headed down the street, smiling at whoever cared.

A car pulled over just beside them and the glass wound down, revealing her best friend, Karen.

“Hi dearie, good morning.” She quickly came down from the car and went round to meet them.

“Oh… Ka–r-en, good morning. I’m surprised to see you this morning.” Sophie forced a smile.

“I was hoping to meet you before you left for work. Something actually came up and I need your help.”

Noticing Brian, she nudged Sophie, “Who’s this handsome young man with you?” She winked, smiling.

“Won’t you introduce us? I never knew you’ve started dating, Sophie.”

“Dating? Nah, very far from it. Karen, meet Brian a man from my past. He’s kidnapping me right now and has threatened to kill my mum if I don’t cooperate.”

Sophie watched as the colour drained from her friend’s face. Karen just stood staring at them, wide-eyed.



What do you think Sophie’s response to Karen will result in?

What will Karen do with the news she just received?

Please drop your comments let’s enjoy the ride. 




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Priscilla Asher


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  1. Oh wow!! That was a bold move from Sophie 😂 I wasn’t expecting that and I can’t even think of a possible reaction from Karen my thoughts are everywhere 😅 I mean.. the obvious one is to play along I guess..

    Waiting for Episode 3🤗🥳

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