May 25, 2024


Sophie was sweating profusely, her silk nightgown clung to her smallish frame, extending the dampness to the bedsheet. Vibrating vigorously, she clung to the bed in a failing attempt to protect herself from whatever or whoever.
“NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” She jerked up, gasping for breath.
The sweat on her body began to make her feel cold, causing her to shiver slightly. But that was the least of her concerns now. She flung her hands up in the air, exasperated.
“Not again! I’m so tired of this torment! Five years is enough for the past to be buried!” She screamed at the top of her voice.
Hands wrapped around her body, she folded herself in a pile on her bed and cried out her heart. She could still see his angry glare and hear his words…
“I’m coming for you!”

It had been five years after the incidence occurred. Five whole years! And it still felt like it happened yesterday. Guilt overwhelmed her, oppressed her at every opportunity. She tried to shrug off the feeling and push it behind. This was a new day and she made up her mind to make the most of it.

Slipping quickly into her moccasin, she made her way to the stereo in the mini sized parlor and pressed the replay button. Soon the house was filled with a song by Maverick City and Kirk Franklin ‘Fear is not my Future’.
“Hello strength, hello hope, it’s a new horizon….” Singing along, she prepared for work.

Despite the music and coolness of the water on her ebonyi skin, she still had an odd feeling within her that she couldn’t decipher. Then his voice came again…..”I’m coming for you!”

It was so loud that she thought he was just behind her. She turned around abruptly, heart thumping loudly.
“Calm down Sophie, it was just a dream!”
She stepped out of the bathroom, did a five minutes quick dress up and was looking all smart in a black corporate trouser, lilac chiffon top and black heels. She was set. Her phone rang.
“Hey mum, good morning ma.” Sophie smiled widely, clearly pleased to hear her mum’s voice.
“My darling, how are you this morning?”
“I’m doing great ma’am, how about you?”
“I’m good, but I can be better if you were here to pamper me.” She chuckled.
Laughing heartily, Sophie responded, “You know I’m always here for you. Just name whatever you need and you have it!”
“Thank you my darling. I’ll always keep that in mind. Just thought to check on you this morning as is my routine. I hope you don’t get tired.” Mrs Smith beamed with smiles.
“You know that’s not possible, my ever loving mother. How can I get tired? I love you mum, but I have to get to work before you get me fired.”
“Alright sweetie pie, take care. I love you more!”
Click… The silence was back, even more overwhelming.
“I have to get out of here.”
She grabbed her bag and moved swiftly towards the door when she heard a knock. Pausing, she listened to be sure and then it came again.
“These neighbors! Gosh! Such bad timing!” How can someone be knocking so early in the day?” She hissed in annoyance.
“Maybe it’s Amara. She’s the only one that can do this. If it’s not salt today, it’s some seasoning tomorrow.” She murmured whilst unlocking the door, taking a poise that said she was in no mood to chit chat with whoever it was.
“Hello Sophie…. It’s been a while. Did you miss me? Cause I really did.”
She froze, couldn’t move or talk. Fear quickly found its way into her heart, she struggled for words, but her mouth was suddenly dry. Her trembling hands could no longer hold onto her bag, it fell to the floor, the sound of it further startling her.
It was HIM! The man from her dreams and he was smiling down at her! Oh, how she hated the look in his eyes! It gave her chills down her spine.
Saying a silent prayer, she mustered the courage she could and looked him in the eye,
“What do you want from me Brian?”


What do you think Sophie’s past was?

Do you think the man will hurt her?

How do you think the events will unfold?

Please drop your comments let’s enjoy the ride.


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6 thoughts on “HUNTED

  1. Very impressive story, it carry every reader along. I could breathe when she was breathing and I could smile when she smiled.
    Sophie past was a very bad one since after 5 years she is still afraid 😱 of the past and is still hunting her, disturbing her inner peace.
    Brian could hurt Sophie but we are not certain that he would. Maybe he has come a change man, only time will untold the mystery and the secret behind his return.
    Looking forward to reading the next one.

  2. The suspense!!😫😫😫
    Maybe she tried killing him 5yrs ago and with her reaction and nightmares, he could probably hurt her and at the end, they may come to a consensus or fall in love 😅🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    Am waiting for episode 2!!

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