May 25, 2024

Gary Neville’s comment that the Blues were “billion pound bottle jobs” during Chelsea’s Carabao Cup final defeat to Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool infuriated Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino.

After Gary Neville made fun of Chelsea’s “billion pound bottle jobs” after Sunday’s Carabao Cup final defeat to Liverpool, Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino responded.

The former Manchester United defender criticized the Blues for not being able to defeat a youthful and inexperienced Reds team despite their massive expenditure over the previous 18 months after the team was eliminated late in extra time by a header from Virgil van Dijk.

As Neville called it during his Sky Sports game broadcast, “It’s Klopp’s kids against the billion pound bottle jobs.”

After the match, however, Pochettino stated that the former England right-back’s evaluation was “not fair” after learning of Neville’s remarks.

The Argentine remarked, “I didn’t hear what he said, but if you compare the age of the two groups, I think it’s similar.”

“I have a good relationship with Gary [Neville]. I can respect his opinion. We made a few changes, like [Conor] Gallagher and [Ben] Chilwell in extra-time. But it’s true, we didn’t keep the energy how we finished the second half.”

In addition, Pochettino expressed his pride in his team despite the Wembley loss.

He declared, “I feel proud, for sure.” “They put in a lot of work. Liverpool finished with young players on the field, therefore we have a youthful team and nothing to compare with.

“If he said that, it’s unfair to speak in this manner. We’re going to maintain our resolve and faith in this endeavor.”

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