May 26, 2024


His fists tightened into a hard knot. He shook from both anger and shock. What had happened to them? At what point did things take such a wrong turn? He took a long look at her and stormed back into the house. Soon enough, she saw him leave the house in his black BMW.

With that, all her defensive walls went crashing down. Sliding down to the cold black tiles, she let out all the pent-up pain. Screaming and sobbing as much as she could, she felt all hope drain out of her, leaving her empty and helpless. Has she pulled down her own home with her hands? Her thoughts were in a mess.

“Noooooooo!!!! This can’t be happening to me! God why?”

She raised a shaky forefinger to the sky, shaking it vigorously.

“I tried my best to obey all your rules and regulations, but what do I get in return?”

Looking around the house, she continued, “Nothing! I got nothing in return! What is life without peace of mind or money without joy!”

Standing up in defiance, she shouted, still looking at the blue sky,

“I hate you!! Do you hear me? I hate you with all that is within me! You’re nothing but a cheat, a liar and a huge betrayal. Don’t ever expect me to come to you for anything! I can fend for myself!”

She fell back to the ground, more overwhelmed with grief than relief. The position was soothing to her, so she remained there, wallowing in her despair.



The air was hazy with smoke and thick with the smell of strong alcohol. Joachim sat at a table and looked ready to pass out. Many bottles of whisky littered the table in front of him and his eyes looked red and heavy. Looking around, he wasn’t sure he was ready to go back home yet. Not to that lioness waiting to pounce on him again. He sighed as he gulped from the last bottle of Whiskey he was drinking, nodding his head lightly to the beats of “Doromi” by Simi. The melody rang through him, stirring in him the desire to love and be loved.

11:00pm was no time for a married man to be out in a bar, but was he truly married? He pondered on that and decided he didn’t care. His careless gaze caught the eyes of a damsel sitting two tables away from him. For a moment, he was lost in the awe of the beauty he just beheld. She winked at him and gave him that smile he knew all too well. She wanted him.

Dealing with a broken home is one thing, but adding to the list of problems by cheating on his wife will only make matters worse. But she already thought he was a liar and a cheat, so what’s wrong in proving her right? His mind was torn in-between faithfulness and revenge.

He looked up again and saw that the young lady was already headed his way. He had to make up his mind and he had to make it fast. As she walked from her table to his, he had enough time to take in her lush form and his heart beat raced rapidly. This was it! This was too much of a temptation! No way he could let all these pass him by.

She finally got to him.

“Hey Honeycomb, can I seat?”

Oh no, not just her looks, but her voice was also soothing! No, it wasn’t just that, her fragrance too. It consumed him!
He just sat there, staring, mouth agape.

“Hi…is everything okay?” She waved across his eyes lightly and smiled.

“No, no, everything is fine. Please seat down.” He smiled, gesturing to the chair across him and tried keeping the slur out of his voice.

He had made up his mind and he made a mental commitment to follow through with it.


Do you think Joachim will cheat on his wife?

Drop your comments, let’s enjoy the ride.




©Written by:
Asher Esther Orohuchari


©Edited by:
Priscilla Asher

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  1. Awwww 🥺
    I don’t think he will cheat on her though!!!

    I mean… He better notttttttt🌚😁

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