May 27, 2024


Joachim stood aloof on the varenda of his elaborate mansion, leaning slightly against the white pillar, he looked over the neighborhood, his head full of several haunting thoughts. The tension within the house was too much to bear, it was literally choking the life out of him. Who had he married? A monster? What a huge mistake he had made!

He ran his palm over his head which was already going bald. Though in his mid forties, he looked like he was clocking sixty. His forehead was lined deeply, several gray hairs had started sprouting out from the little hair left and the grief in his brown eyes was very palpable. He adjusted the check shirt he wore, loosening the top button to ease up a little.

“Oh my God, how did I get here? What did I do wrong? ” He glanced back at the house tentatively, eyes glimming with caution.

“I’m doomed! I’m a refugee in my own house?!”

“Get back here you idiot! Do you think you can keep running away from me?! Fool! How dare you walk out on me!” A high pitched voice called out, and shortly his wife appeared at the doorway. Christen — once the love of his life, now his worst night mare.

He just stared in silence as she kept ranting and panting heavily. Who could imagine that such beauty held a venomous tongue. Her curly urburn hair bounced back and forth around her oval face, the colour, blending well with her fair complexioned skin. Her eyes were one of the things that attracted him at first — it was big and bold, so white and innocent — but right now, ‘attraction’ was far from it. All he could see in there was hate and fury. Her pink lips curved so rapidly, forming words — words he made sure he paid a deaf ear to.

Six years of marriage and the birth of three children didn’t alter that slim body she possessed. Rather, she glowed, earning more stares from men. Jealousy cut through his heart again.

Snapping her fingers at him, “You fool! Are you even listening to me?!”

As calmly as he could, he replied, “I just came to take some fresh air, darling.” He smiled, knowing he hadn’t used that word on her in a long while.

“So now I’m your darling right? All of a sudden, Joachim! Don’t you dare patronize me!” She took in a deep breath, gathering more momentum.

“You said you came out for fresh air, so what does that mean? Do you mean that I am now a pest? Or maybe I’m one of those chemicals used to fumigate houses!”

“Your words, not mine.” He smirked.
“Feel whatever you like Christen, I’m past caring now! In fact, go hang yourself for all I care! You’re a torn in my flesh!” He spoke through gritted teeth, the vein on his temple bulging hard against his skin. He had to put a lid on his anger. This wench won’t make him strike any woman, even if it had to be her.

“Get out of my way before I do something stupid!”

“There’s practically nothing you can do Joachim! You’re such a weakling! I don’t think you’re even fit to be called a man!”
His hands formed into a hard knot. He shook from both anger and shock……


Do you think Joachim will hit her?

What are your speculations about the cause of the tension between them?

Drop your comments, let’s enjoy the ride.




©Written by:
Asher Esther Orohuchari


©Edited by:
Priscilla Asher

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1 thought on “RHYTHM OF LOVE

  1. I don’t think he would really hit her, he has coped with her attitude for long. It eventually became part of his life.
    On my speculations I think the man is not financially stable starting from when his wife’s behavior started changing

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