May 24, 2024

So many people live their lives without knowing the specific and real purposes behind why they were born. They follow anything in exchange for something and act in exchange for anything. When your vision is cloudy so is your life. A life that is blinded is a life that has expired.

We can’t foretell what kind of problems we may encounter in the future since life’s uncertainties are too ambiguous. If you remain still, you put your life in danger; if you dare to move, you move to take the risk. We need to decide on something. Yes, we have the option to live in mediocrity or to dare to learn what our genuine motivations are for existing on this planet.

However, we should keep in mind that when every aspect of life is constantly at risk, taking no risks is dangerous.

As you think more carefully, you become quieter. The justification for the conduct is something you are aware of. It might not necessarily suggest that you are verbally incapable. But you know what ignorance can do and how to deal with ignorance and bad intent. In terms of temporality, your statement is true.

Reading is vital for life, just as breathing is.

Sometimes life can be truly wonderful. The world can occasionally seem blurry. We must constantly remember that the journey of life is not finished until it is finished, even if there will be times when it is colder than warmer and other times when it is warmer than colder. Whether the assignment is easy or difficult, nice or bad, we must finish it.

All we have to do is access the inner wonderer 




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