May 25, 2024

In Nigeria, breakfast is a meal that brings together a delightful blend of flavors. Nigeria offers a diverse range of breakfast options.

Here are five popular Nigerian breakfast dishes:

Akara and pap:

These are deep-fried bean cakes made from black-eyed peas. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, often served with pap (a fermented cereal pudding) or bread.

Crispy akara paired with creamy and comforting ogi (pap) create a delightful contrast in textures and flavors.

Yam and Egg Sauce:

Boiled yam served with a flavorful sauce made from eggs, tomatoes, peppers, and spices. It’s a hearty and satisfying breakfast.


This is a steamed bean pudding made from black-eyed peas or lentils, mixed with spices and vegetables. It’s a nutritious and popular breakfast dish.



A traditional Igbo dish made from ground Bambara nuts, okpa is steamed into a solid pudding and often served with a spicy sauce.


Grilled plantains, known as boli, are a popular street food. They can be eaten on their own or with groundnut sauce

Jollof Rice:

Though often served for lunch or dinner, some Nigerians enjoy this flavorful tomato-based rice dish for breakfast

Bread and tea:

The combination of tea and bread is a classic breakfast choice enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, and Nigeria is no exception. This simple yet satisfying pairing offers a comforting start to the day.


These dishes showcase the rich and diverse flavors of Nigerian cuisine, making for a truly mouthwatering breakfast experience.

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